Joe Comes to Help Out

During our build of the lodge, we had family members join in for breaks in their normal work schedules. Leroo-La-Tau was always a place of excitement and somehow it never failed to fire up the desires in people to get involved. There was a period of time when Joe came up to help out.

Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5) – A Lion Family Visit

Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5) – A Lion Family Visit Lions playing, Botswana

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5) Sometime during this same holiday, Britt and I woke up to an incredibly strange sound. It was just before sunrise and the sky was already turning. If you looked out the window you could just see and everything had a blue tinge to it. Our little room didn’t […]

Meeting of 2 Families (Part 3) – Inconvenient Puncture

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 3) We packed up the coolboxes, packed up the snacks. We got the spotlights ready, filled the Cruiser up with fuel and left on a game drive. Our plan was simple, we had seen a great big herd of buffalo that morning and our intention was to see if […]

Wild Dog Night

Savannah Camp was set in a number of ranks so to speak under a grove of Camel Thorn trees which had arranged themselves in a semi circle along an ancient waterway or floodplain. The front rank was the tented accommodation with the dining room at the centre like a tank in the middle of a […]

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