Elephants in the Channel

Elephant in a channel, Okavango Delta

Guest returned from a boat trip into the Okavango Delta over the moon after having a close encounter with an elephant. Entering a channel they came face-to-face with an elephant feeding just 30m in front of them. They spent the next half an hour drifting and enjoying a special wildlife encounter, watching the half-submerged giant […]

New Lion Prides in Moremi

Lioness, Moremi

Saturday our guides returned from a safari to Moremi with an intriguing lion sighting. They encountered a pride of three lionesses who were new to the area as they’d not been spotted previously. The lionesses were very shy and hid in the shrubs to avoid the vehicle. This is very interesting behaviour as it could […]

Sehudi’s Domain

On one occasion, as one of our vehicles was driving from water hole to water hole doing water-pump maintenance, they came across a duckling wandering around the riverbed. It seemed alone and unattended so they brought it home. The Leroo-La-Tau family took it in and raised it, just like we had done with the mongoose […]

Hobson’s or van Wyk’s Choice

Lioness skidding to a stop, Nxai Pan

The campsite at Leroo-La-Tau was located on the inside of a very sharp bend in the river resulting in it being low-lying on the gently sloped banks of the riverbed and the channel was also incredibly narrow at that point and the cliffs on the opposite bank were sharp and high. Probably also due to the sharpness of […]

Salé, the Father of Lions

Lion choosing springbok from the herd

It was from our own observation and from Graham’s research that we found out that the lions in the LLT area did not live in the traditional pride system within territories, but rather as individuals or in small bonded sisterhood groups in home ranges. Territories are defended, Home ranges are preferred hunting areas where other […]

Stampede in the Mist

Wildebeest coing to a waterhole

We woke up with a start. It was a noise we had often heard before and should have been no surprise to us but tonight for some reason it woke us from our slumber. It began some distance away, a steady vibration, which became a hum, which developed into a heavy drumming and finally into […]

Our First Lion Sighting at Leroo

Lioness with bloody face

It wasn’t long after our experiences with Joe that we got our first encounter with the lions. A couple of hours after sunset while we were just settling in with dinner, a lion roared not too far away. We looked at each other, should we go and find them. These questions were asked and answered […]

Joe Comes to Help Out

During our build of the lodge, we had family members join in for breaks in their normal work schedules. Leroo-La-Tau was always a place of excitement and somehow it never failed to fire up the desires in people to get involved. There was a period of time when Joe came up to help out.

Introduction to Leroo-La-Tau

As time wore on, we returned to our plot of land on the Boteti, this time to build our lodge. We had developed a problem though and this was what to call the Lodge. Our Campsite, that we had built the previous year was called Xwaraga Campsite, but this name was proving difficult for visitors […]

Honeymooners in Moremi

Two buffalo

During our time at Savannah, we did the occasional safari for our own company. This was one of those occasions. It was a 10 day trip and we spent the last part of the trip in Moremi. We had a couple of exciting events on this trip though.

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